Lusharama: The Making Of Latitude

Lusharama‘ was a phrase used by cast and crew throughout the whole production process, in regards to shots looking ‘lush’, so we thought it would be ideal for the name of the making-of documentary. The behind-the-scenes is a feature film in itself essentially; with over 20 hours of footage recorded and hundreds of stills needing condensing down to form some form of structure. This has been a difficult process as both myself and Sam are not editors so to speak. It has been quite difficult to piece together a structure, as there are often large gaps. In order to solve this, Sam and I booked out a photography studio today to capture some interviews with the crew, so we could use voiceover as a chronological structure to aid the visuals. Another slight issue is that the quality of the footage varies as such a wide range of cameras were used (iPhone 4S, Canon 60D, 550D, 5D, 600D, 7D) so the visuals do not quite match up. This sort of makes me wish that we filmed everything entirely on an iPhone 4S (not to mention the file sizes would be significantly smaller in terms of rendering/transferring).

With Final Cut X crashing on me every 20 or so minutes, I decided to do 2 things: go out and get hold of a TB hard-drive to work from instead of my Mac and also use Final Cut 7 instead. Both resulted in faster results and less problems.

The biggest issue I have now is producing something worthy of a good mark regarding the deadline, as there is no possible way that what I hand in for my degree will be the finished piece – we are still in the process of filming. I have come up with a strategy around this; instead of handing in a complete assemble, I am currently piecing together some of my favourite parts recorded thus far and cut together small segments offering a little hint as to what the finished product will contain. I want to include the humour but at the same time stay focused on the structure of the film and the seriousness of the project as a whole.


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