Concept Film Poster/DVD Front Covers

Sam came up with the following concept design for the poster of the Behind-The-Scenes Making-Of Latitude. We knew it was never going to be the actual poster it was just a basis to form some ideas. The original name was ‘Don’t Turn Left At Lunchtime’, but we decided to name that after one of the chapters instead as it was a bit irrelevant to the film as a whole.

First Draft

We then started to play around on Photoshop CS5 experimenting with different styles for potential posters. Unable to decide on a name, we came up with a basic poster with a collage of some behind the scenes photos, including a couple from the increasingly popular instagram:

Second Draft

We liked the choice of images but weren’t impressed with the font or overall layout of the design. We also thought it would be best to come up with a specific name for the documentary, as ‘The Making Of Latitude’ was a bit too ordinary and didn’t really offer much in regards to being its own film separate from Latitude. We wanted to portray elements of the crazy nature film by giving a hint in the title. Taking this into consideration, we started on a new draft with a more simplistic approach. We named the documentary ‘Don’t Eat The Apples!’ relating slightly to the main feature as well as the behind the scenes – this is due to the fact that in the script eating apples made the individual see visions and go a bit mad. Mad being one word to describe the behind the scenes…

Third Draft

I preferred this poster to the first and second  draft; the simplisity really portrayed the style I was going for, but the rest of the crew did not want it to be called “Don’t Eat The Apples!” as it gave too much away about the plot of the main feature. I intended it to be a hint to the plot, not as a giveaway – I wanted to relate the Making-Of to the film a bit more, but the idea was shot down so we moved on to try a completely different approach, which was amed to bring out the wild and ‘crazy’ elements of the documentary.

We did a little more research into posters and such and decided we would try out a ‘Jackass’ approach, with images of those involved all protruding from the centre of the page with a lot going on:

We were also considering including warning signs and explicit content, which we may yet do, as there are times in the Behind-The-Scenes where things get a little heated; there is also gore and bloodshed. LUSHARAMA was also a quote thrown about by cast and crew throughout the production process, and became somewhat of a slogan in itself. Ideal for the Behind-The-Scenes. This is what we came up with:

Fourth Draft

We knew there would be issues with how crowded this draft was – we just wanted to include everyone – but we showed it to the group anyway. They liked it but agreed that it was too crowded, so we remade it. Also we thought there was too much black, and the quote was a bit extreme. We also swapped the tagline an title around, so it was more clear as to what the title.



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