Latitude: Flights Booked!

Today, myself Sam and Alex booked our flights to travel to Los Angeles to help with the pre-production for Latitude. We will be setting off from London Heathrow on the 10th April and flying back on the 17th April. While over there we will be finalising our American actors and ensuring they all know the dates of times over where they have to be and when, supplying them with contact details and logistics/shooting schedules and going over the script with them.

As well as this we will also be fixing locations; mentioning how we are British students producing a feature length film for our final year at University – this should hopefully persuade people to help us rather than provide us with a hefty cost. We will mention how we could provide advertisement and/or product placement for them – always icing on the cake. These locations are specifically up and down the West Coast of America, spanning from the isolation of the open desert to the busy streets of Hollywood.

We will be looking into bus passes, car rentals, equipment rentals (potentially a crane for the Canon 5d cameras) and also shooting some of the footage that the other half of the crew will not have the time for when they fly out to California on the 30th April (such as time-lapses and background/establishing shots). We will be using a pocket-slider for the time lapses as well as a GoPRO to strap to our vehicle – which could potentially be an RV! Sam has looked into prices for RV rental and has found one for £277 for a week; we would also have to pay for petrol and $30 a night at trailer-parks.

It’s sure going to be hard work, but we are all looking forward to it!

Latitude is official!


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