Latitude: Crowd-Funding Campaign

Our first crowd-funding campaign saw plenty of interest on from which we raised just over $2000 towards production costs. However, we found that by promoting the project in dollars was detracting British investors, therefore we have devised a new approach.

Our new crowd-funding campaign is now live, which can be found on, you can either donate a small amount towards our project (as little as £2) or take a couple of seconds of your time to pass it on to others; after all, it’s free to share! Our goal is £5000 which needs to be reached within 72 days, or else we get nothing! We need your help to reach this to ensure our film gets made to the best of our abilities.

Please take some time to share our project, Tweet about us, post about us on Facebook, blog about us. You will be helping young artists to follow their dream by creating their first feature film. I have emailed close friends and family asking for their support – even if that means donating as little as £2 to the project. This project is helping me to get noticed as a filmmaker and the more press we get the better. We will also keep you updated with news of our journey, and should you help promote our project to a large extent, we will credit you in the process.


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