Latitude: Casting Update

Last week Mick, Pete, Rich and Jake travelled down to Coventry University’s London campus for the auditions for Latitude. It was a long day for the crew but they viewed all the actors who were shortlisted down from the many applicants we had for the roles. The actors selected for auditions were those who seemed most engaged by the project and had the most impressive showreels to offer.

After the auditions the crew then narrowed it down to the final 4 and have now decided upon our two main characters of Max and Percy, of whom will be flying out to America with us for the road trip section of the film.

For the character of Max we have chosen Jonathan Leinmuller.


He has had plenty of experience in film, with many shot films under his belt, and from looking at his work he really seems to fit the persona of our character. His audition was also one of the best on the day. Here is a short film he was in not long ago.

Originally, Rich envisioned that he would fit the role of Percy more (He starts at 7:45). He’s only been in the one feature, would be interested to see what he could bring to the role of Percy.

Andy McGillan is the actor selected for the role of Percy; he has an Elijah Wood innocence look to him and he sure looked the part when he came for audition.


Evidence of work shows low budget student films, no professional work though. Has done a lot of stage work, but seems to be trying to push into Film/TV more the last few years.

Here is a short video Jake documented after the London auditions. The password is ‘London’.


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