On Friday we decided to hunt for our first Geocache.

After our little adventure I decided to check out some Geocaching that goes on over seas. The size of this Geocache is much bigger than the small boxes we found- more like a sandwich box. This was done in Massachusetts and main Geochacer looks like the perfect stereotypical geek that we are basing one of our characters on!

I found the link from a website ( focused around Geocaching on the West Coast of America (though Massachusettes is on the East – just shows how wide of a scale it all is I suppose):

Here is another one – a Geocache hidden in plain sight:

Creating a Geocaching Event can be done via the Geocaching site. This is perhaps something to think about when promoting our film once we have a bit more content on the website:

We can host our own Geocache event and then pitch our film to them hopefully get them to “buy” into it! We intend our niche audience of Geocachers to engage with the project and get involved as well. We have been thinking about hiding QR codes linked to our website inside Geocaches up and down the United Kingdom. When I go home for Christmas break I will be hiding a few around the Lytham and Blackpool area, look out for them!


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