I have successfully created my three artefacts for Power, Spectacle and Memory. I am happy with each of them, though they are not finished ready for my showreel. I feel that my understanding of the themes behind each word has greatly improved.

I aim to re-film my power artefact and focus it more around the themes of male dominance rather than a simplistic music video. I believe this will add to the meaning of the piece. With my power piece I was looking at what was personal in terms of what was powerful to me, music and emotions. After researching into power further, I now understand what I should have done in producing my artefact.

I will be going out and filming much more footage for my spectacle artefact. After critical analysis and feedback from my tutors and peers I understand that it should be longer, have more of a flow in terms of dialogue and include people other than students; it should include the everyday people, (adults, pensioners, children etc). This is in order to allow the piece to relate to a wider range of spectators/an outside audience, not just University students. I shall re-name the project “Me” and will research deeper into narcissism.

My Memory artefact is a difficult one for me to assess. I do not think I could potentially add this piece into my showreel (aside from obvious quality of the footage and aspect ratio) as it is far too personal to me; I will be re-thinking of a new idea all-together and making it more ‘beautiful’, but at the same time, less personal to me, as audiences aren’t interested in what is important to an individual person, it has to satisfy their needs as they are watching it. After this module I now have much more in-depth knowledge about memory. The concept of personal and collective memory was completely alien to me.

The link between the three themes is now obvious to me. In hindsight I perhaps should have tried to connect my three artefacts more. I now understand the importance of spectacle, and how it can be used to establish a collective memory, and enable those in power to maintain that power.

I believe this module was primarily about exploring new concepts, and after researching into new areas of theory, applying them to our own artefacts to produce something we haven’t attempted before.

The lectures and seminars for this module were extremely helpful; they really enabled me to understand what was expected of me.

You must attempt something you haven’t tried before.

This is what I tried to do. I have never attempted to re-create a music video before (maybe next time I should compose the music myself too). I focused the visuals around a soundtrack. This is how most film makers work, but this is the first time I have attempted it. I had problems with focusing due to fast movement from the characters but I don’t believe it effected the outcome.

I have never attempted such an arrogant and controversial piece as my spectacle artefact, and I have never attempted to edit in such a way as I did for my memory artefact. Regarding each artefact, I decided to push myself and try new ideas and techniques.

In terms of my memory artefact portrayal, I wanted it to remind the viewers of their childhood, through the use of moments from my brothers childhood. I know it is a generally personal piece, solely to myself and my close family, but there are themes and moments within it that will engage with an audience. For example learning to walk/talk/ride a bike/swim/lose baby teeth etc. Never before have I attempted to remove a soundtrack but keep the audio of dialogue. That was interesting to learn how to do on Final Cut X.

I think that this module has proven that I have tried to produce these artefacts to the best of my ability, even in areas where I don’t have much artistic or technical experience. Throughout the duration of this module I believe I have definitely moved slightly out of my comfort zone and attempted new methods of production, and I think I have been successful in doing so.


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