Power Spectacle Memory: Evaluation and Reflection

Power Artefact:

So I decided to go for the theme of music as an influential power, as well as themes of the alienated male struggling with his past. I’m not sure if the message is completely obvious for this artefact, but it something I have never tried before, and I can only improve from here. The video itself was originally intended as a laugh with a few friends, but as I researched into power, it became relevant and I adapted the piece around themes of power. The lead male in the video is often seen improving his strength, reminding the viewers of his continuos efforts to regain strength and power in order to fight back against his enemies. He begins the process on his own, as an alienated individual, but soon is accompanied by two friends with whom he forms relationships with in order to become stronger. Strength/power in numbers. I think some of the shots are beautiful, but some I struggled with the focus at times, due to the fast movement of the characters. I don’t think this effected the overall outcome though.

Spectacle Artefact:

After researching into the portrayal of vlogs, psychoanalytical theory, themes of arrogance and what makes people think they are better than other people I have attempted to create what I believe represents spectacle. I went out and asked people to hold the camera (Canon 5d II) at their own face and say something arrogant. I have never attempted this camera technique before and I think it paid off. The shots look how I intended, and it is obvious they are holding the camera. My initial idea was to just tell them to say whatever they want, but everyone I asked was shy in thinking of something to say. To get around this I drafted out a rough script and asked each person to repeat what I said in a cocky and aggressive manner. Looking back, I perhaps should have made a detailed plan and scripted out the dialogue, as well as taken more clips of each individual. On this topic, I also should have included a wider range of subjects, rather than just friends/students. There are also a couple of shots which I forgot to white balance for, but I know now for future reference to always white balance when there is a change of location/lighting. The soundtrack I used was just plonked on afterwards as the lyrics are relevant. I should probably avoid doing this in the future. I thought a soundtrack was required, though thinking about it, it was not really necessary. I chose to use the ‘recording camera’ effect in order to reinforce the fact that they are arrogant in knowing it is recording and also to enable it to appear more ‘home-made, sort of. Overall I am pleased with the outcome, yet there definitely will be a longer edit coming in the future. It is clear what the message is and the visuals are strong, but it could have been better if I had more convincing ‘actors’ and a wider range of people involved.

Memory Artefact:

As mentioned in previous posts, memory for me is personal and emotional moments from our past, as individuals. I chose to focus on personal memory as opposed to collective memory. When I was home one weekend, I asked my dad to dig through his old footage so I could create an artefact on what I remember from growing up with my brother Leo. Being my younger brother, he means so much to me (although yes we have had our moments of scrapping and arguing – but didn’t we all?). I have always been protective over him, sometimes too much, and now he is getting older I feel that I shouldn’t need to any more, now that he is able to look after himself. Anyway, back to the evaluation… I had to go through 10 hours of footage, ranging from 1990 (before I was born) to 2009, so it was definitely a tiresome process. On a personal level it was well worth it, as, ironically, I recovered many lost memories – which sure was emotional for me and I didn’t think I was an emotional person! I had many problems with the footage, as with it being old and filmed on many different cameras there were issues with varied frame rates, aspect ratios, image distortion, lag and most annoyingly, sound. Not only was the sound sometimes too quite/too loud/distorted but on several clips there were pre-added soundtracks, as my dad had previously edited some of the clips. I had to attempt to remove the soundtracks from the clips I wanted to use, but keep the dialogue. This was a near impossible task for me as I had never tried this before (I managed it slightly – but admittedly did cover up some issues with a couple of soundtracks of my own). In my opinion this artefact could not portray my view of memory in a more meaningful way, but then again, it is only meaningful to me, so I suppose I could do with rethinking of a new idea for my showreel at the end of the year.

All three artefacts were edited in Final Cut X, which I had never used before until these projects. Before now I have only used Final Cut 7 (which in ways I prefer as there is more to do), however I enjoyed the background rendering on X.


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