BBC Big Screen Olympics Videos: Producer

Over the next few months I shall be working on a series of videos for the BBC showcasing several sporting events for the Olympics in 2012. Working together in a small team of which we each have allocated roles – mine being producer – we will plan shoot and edit our work in preparation for it to be shown on the big screen and the 2012 Olympics video blog.

For my group our selected sports are:

  • Mountain Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Handball
  • Shooting
  • Artistic Gymnastics
  • Beach Volleyball

Before looking into each of the sports I began researching the role of producer, so as to remind myself of what is to be done on my part for this project to be successful:

The producer is responsible for initiating, coordinating, supervising, and controlling all aspects of the production process. They are involved on a daily basis with the creative, financial, technological and administrative processes. This includes supervising all phases of production from inception to completion. The producer oversees and controls all aspects of the above-and-below-the-line talents and crafts. Producers must also interact in concert with the provisions of all collective bargaining agreements and personal service contracts.

So in terms of my individual group (of which there are 6), it is my focus to communicate with each and every one of them, keep everyone up-to-date, remind them of their roles and oversee the project as a whole from the conceptual stage through to the completion.

Research into the sports


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