Power and Spectacle: Feedback and Analysis

The feedback I received for my artefacts has made me think about how I will present them, as finished products at the end of the year for my degree showreel.


For my power artefact, questions were raised: ‘Is the message actually in the song?’ I understand the music is quite stereotypical for a remade music video. My tutor was unsure as to how it challenges/says anything different exciting or complex. The addition of two other ‘friends’ sort of detracted from the individualism and solitary nature of the narrative. In terms of execution the feedback was on the whole very positive, as many of the shots used were described as ‘beautiful’. The main focus was ‘How does it relate to the themes of power/male power?’. My response was simple. Music is powerful, and to me, personally, this song has power. Again I have realised that this piece is personal, and therefore does not have the same effect when viewed by others. This is something I need to change when thinking about producing work:

Make my work engage my viewers!

In re-making this I aim to insert more codes involving power, alienated masculinity and the strive to ambition. It is these values which my audience is more likely to engage with rather than just ‘A song that means something to me’.


For my spectacle artefact I have been told to go out and gather more footage. After critical analysis and feedback from my tutors and peers I understand that it should be longer, have more of a flow in terms of dialogue and include people other than students; it should include the everyday people, (adults, pensioners, children etc). This is in order to allow the piece to relate to a wider range of spectators/an outside audience, not just University students. I am thinking of re-naming the project “Me” and research deeper into narcissism before I recreate it for my final degree showreel.


My memory artefact is still in the idea stage, however I am thinking of collecting together lots of baby footage from when me and my brother were little and creating a meaningful video around that and the emotions that memory can bring once reminisced after long periods of time.



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