Iceland Project

Later this year Coventry University are planning a trip to Iceland (planned at the moment for late February/March) to produce a series of artefacts (yet to be developed) involving several Media Production students from second and third year. The first idea that was discussed was to create a high quality short film out there, as we have access to a professional DOP who is willing to bring along some incredible production equipment including a RED camera!

There has been a blog address set up by project leaders found here:

Should the artefact(s) we produce out there be of sufficient professional standard, they will be shown at BAFTA’s at the end of the year in the third year degree show; the red carpet and everything. Sorry but… wow?! We aim for the project and artefact we produce to be of award-winning standard.

Ideas and pitches are scheduled for next week on Friday 11th November, and scripts/development pitches are required for the week after (19th).

So today we discussed allocating roles for next week. For now I put my name down for director, 1st assistant director, director of photography and producer, as in my opinion roles can only really be decided once the project idea is finalised.

We started thinking about how would professionals manage the planning of a shoot in Iceland; as we are soon to be entering the professional market for media, we now, as third years, must take things much more seriously and work effectively, not only individually, but also in a group. About 20 people turned up for the meeting today, which is about right for a production team considering the scale of some of our ideas.

The following week I shall be thinking about my own ideas for what we as a group could produce when we are in Iceland and I shall be researching around those ideas in order to produce a solid pitch next week. I may focus around the Northern Lights, or at least involve them somewhat, as apparently they will still be on around the time we are there, and not only that, they are predicted to be the best lights in 50 years. That’s sure one for the bucket list.

Other ideas that were raised included:

  • Icelandic culture. Food (E.g. Fish, Lambs head pickled in human urine…).
  • History of the Island.
  • Folklore, fairytales. Still believe in trolls. Santa Claus.
  • Hot springs.
  • Volcanic eruption.

Once we have each developed our ideas, we will be producing a script and handing them in to our module leader anonymously, who will then open them up to the group for critical analysis and decision-making.

In terms of cost, the price should be easily bellow £800, not including funding we will be doing in order to raise money and also the IEMS money claim, which is said to be around £200.

This is most definitely a project I am looking forward to more than anything I have worked on before. I intend for the final piece, should it be of high enough standard, to make up part of my final professional practice portfolio at the end of the year.


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