Culturae Mundi: Bonfire Night

My task tomorrow is to produce a short (2-3 min) promotional video for Coventry’s firework displays, or in a wider aspect, for the West Midlands. Myself and other Media Production students met up today to discuss plans of action in terms of what to film, where to go and who is allocated certain roles. However only a few of us were available to film tomorrow night so I have chosen to do my own thing. I will be attending the Bonfire Party in Kenilworth with a few friends.

With more than 12,000 visitors, the event has become one of the most popular public shows in the Midlands. It’s held in the grounds next to Kenilworth Castle, and set against the historic and dramatic backdrop of the ruins.

I will be using a Canon 5D II to collect the footage. I will be focusing on the colourful display itself, interviews with spectators, background shots and gathering crowd atmosphere. I aim to have fun and experiment with shots to improve my technical skills further. The deadline for the edit is next Friday at 12pm and I will also be in the editing team, which will be using Final Cut 7/X.–fireworks

Here is the finished video, edited by Kelvin:


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