Spanish: Week One, Introduction

Today I attended the first of my Spanish lessons, hosted by tutor, Ana Salvi. As it was the first session, it was just a brief introduction to the module so we just learnt how to say hello, goodbye, introduce ourselves and ask how each other was. This was easy for me as I already know aspects of Spanish from visiting Spain regularly; I have friends out there who are fluent and have taught me little bits of it.

The plan for this module is that one hour a week is reserved for face-to-face interaction with fellow students and the tutor and another hour of the week is spent revising in independent study, so as to be best prepared for the next session.

The module is covered over two terms and will result in me being able to know the basics of listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish. By the end of it all I should be able to get by in a variety of practical situations when in Spain, such as asking for information in an airport, buying food, booking accommodation, or ordering a meal in a restaurant, etc. I will be able to communicate with native speakers of Spanish, both orally and in writing, at a basic level using the appropriate grammatical structures for a beginners’ level.

Before this module I had never written Spanish in my life, however I have attempted to speak it before, but only really when ordering things from a menu/bar or asking directions, and even then I often resorted to using English to aid me. I chose this module in order to help be go further than just that, and actually enable to to engage in conversation with a Spanish person, with them fully understanding me.

Also, in regards to the relationship this Add+Vantage module this has with my course in Media Production, I am considering producing my Final Media Project in Spain, therefore the two are inter-connected in terms of how I go about communicating with people abroad, whether it be for directions, places to eat or asking for help etc.


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