Rethink, React, Respond

Today I started the final module for my second year of university studying Media Production. This module so far has been a complete secret to everyone other than module leaders. The brief, so far as we know, is that we are to form a group of 6; one member from each of the media related courses: Media Production, Journalism, Photography, CCM and Advertising. In this group we must then plan for the unknown and at a later date we will be taken somewhere within the UK on a coach and have to capture footage/images and produce a project on this location.

In each group there is a group leader, a spokesperson whose role is to manage the group, organise meetings and interact with lecturers when necessary. I put myself forward for this role as I like to be at the head of group decisions and to manage time-keeping. I thought it would be a good idea to create a Facebook group so we could all interact and post up ideas/reflect on decisions and offer our feedback/critical advice.

There were rumours that one of the locations we would be taken to was Blackpool, so I informed the group and we began preparing for if it was Blackpool, even though it was probably not going to be. We researched into weather conditions, places of interest, events in May and more.

I didn’t take any chances when considering what equipment to book out so I booked everything: a JVC, boom pole/rifle mic, XLRs, large tripod and 2 Nikon D90s. Pete owns some class cameras too so he will be bringing those. We’ve decided to meet up tomorrow to discuss what we might be doing.


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