Professional Experience Evaluation

Evaluation Of Experience (1000 Words)

My professional experience consisted of a collection of various projects, from which I selected one or a few days from to establish my 20 days of media related experience for my 201MC module. My aim throughout this module was to gather a list of contacts which I could use for future reference and also perhaps keep in contact with for future assignments.

As you can see, I was/still am uncertain as to which road within the media industry I wish to take, therefore I have chosen a diverse selection of experience: radio, television, documentary, film, advertising, company-based and personal-based. After taking part in each area I can say that I enjoyed each and every second of it, and I learnt a lot in terms of how I communicate with others within a team or when working for someone, working to deadlines and also being a working professional. I believe I have been a professional when working on these projects, which is the entire point of the module, so I am pleased with that outcome.

The first project I will mention is the promotional video filming for the Football Association. After attending Sunny Sahota’s presentation and brief of the project I was immediately interested in what was required so along with a group of others from the course, we discussed our strengths and weaknesses so we could work out roles for each individual within the team. As there were students from advertising, some from animation and the majority from media production, we had a variety of people with different skills; mine being camera operator and communicator. The FA experience really helped me to understand the different roles that are required within a team in order to produce a mutually beneficial and successful outcome. It also allowed me to improve my time-keeping skills as we had to be at certain locations as certain times in order to film the footage live. It also helped that we were always well-prepared due to our constant communication via social networking (Facebook group).

Working on each of these projects has made me feel like a professional, in particular with the Geotech Installation Video. For this I have been in constant contact with Mike via phone and email, and he has even mentioned himself how professional I am with my organisation and approach to the project, which he is pleased with. When considering a career in the industry I must adopt this same approach to work in order to succeed. This project taught me to remain professional throughout, and maintain a good relationship with all those involved, because they will remember if you do well. Good contacts are a must in the media industry and with a few contacts to reference your good work jobs will be easier to find.

New York was an incredible experience; just being there and looking up at the moving images suspended on the side of sky-scrapers in Times Square made me feel like I was living the life. I have been to New York before, but this experience was different; I focused on the attitude of the people, how they perceived it, as opposed to how tourists view it. I conducted interviews on the streets with New York locals and they had a much different view on life there. One man said “Tourists come here and stop to look at the tall buildings and the bright lights, we just stop and look at you looking at the tall buildings and bright lights. This is normal for us.” Which is true. Those who have never left the city must think everywhere else is boring (not to mention cheap). I found this interesting. Individuals have different ways of looking at things.

It is what many call the media capital of the world, and it is obvious why. I took a look around CNN Tower but I didn’t manage to look for long. It was extremely busy and I was soon ushered out. I don’t think news is an area I wish to go into. Being on the set of Men In Black 3 was extraordinary. It was cornered off so only those involved could be in the shoot, but I saw the director, Barry Sonnenfield and the rest of the camera crew. I would really love to go into that when I am older, primarily in America.

I enjoyed helping Clever Lens Productions produce the Advert for Student Easy Move. It was nice working with student-built companies, I admire their passion for what they love. If you have the motivation to create a company whilst at University, that person has the drive to go far in life, and it was nice working with them and offering my skills in order to help promote them.

Working on the Hereward documentary was rewarding. I enjoyed working with the crew and also the students involved. They enjoyed being on camera and they soon opened up to being around us. I have produced documentaries before and this was a similar brief. I tried to maintain a good relationship with everyone, as that way they co-operate more naturally and thus produce a better response when interviewed for example. This is one thing I learnt from the experience: it doesn’t hurt to be nice and polite!

My Source Radio show has enabled me to become more confident, speak clearer and more fluent when interacting with quests and audiences. I have introduced interviews, phone-ins and quizzes to my show in order to keep it interesting for viewers (and myself). I found that if you enjoy doing something, you learn how to do it faster, and it soon becomes easy. I thoroughly enjoy having my own radio show, and it has persuaded me that I believe it is the way forward for me in terms of thinking of a career after university.


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