Days, Contacts and Updated CV

20 Full Days Of Work Experience:

  • Day 1-3 Source Radio
  • Day 4 Football Association Filming
  • Day 5 Hereward Documentary Filming
  • Day 6-11 New York Experience
  • Day 12-15 Geotech GA3000 Instructional Video
  • Day 16 Student Easy Move Advert
  • Day 17-20 TV Studio Work

Useful Contacts Throughout Experience:

– Mike Smith – Source Radio Manager (

– Mike Heath – Media and Marketing Manager

– Sunny Sahota – FA Recruiter/Developer

– Paul Forey – Source Radio General Secutary. More info.

– Paul – Teacher at Hereward College (

– Karren Arrand – Formats Production Leader/BBC Producer. More info.

– Pete Woodbridge – Coventry University (

– Maureen Bennett – Co-Owner of Student Easy Move (

Updated Media CV:

Updated Professional Media CV

Above is a PDF containing my updated Media Curriculum Vitae.


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