Television Studio Work

This week I have been working alongside fellow students on my course to introduce third year chinese students to the facilities of the TV studio. Over the course of the week we have described and practiced each and every role to play within both the studio itself and also the gallery. The aim is for them to be able to produce a TV show by Friday.

Being a presenter, floor manager and camera operator on the shows I’ve produced in first and second year, I helped those chinese students who were interested in those roles out one to one, in order to easily explain what is required. I showed them which settings to use on the camera, how to follow the auto-cue, how to operate and move the cameras to adjust different shots and explain how the role of floor manager is to communicate between the studio and the gallery.

I produced a short practice script on the auto-cue for them to try out, however I ended up being in front of the camera acting as their host as none of them volunteered to be presenter.

They have chosen to produce a promotional chat show based on advertising various make-up products; there will be two people on screen: a host and a make-up expert. The host will be the one testing the products. Going from this idea we offered our advice to keep it simple yet engaging and entertaining, but at the end of the day, it is their idea which we can only offer our help on, we can’t produce it for them.

I got in contact with Laura from the course who is interested in being the female host, and she is reliable, so I have full faith in her being able to come for the practice shoot on Thursday. I’m eagerly anticipating the shoot on Friday, it should be good fun. This experience has allowed me to excercise my social, technical, leadership and organisational skills.

Here is a quick video of some of the work we’ve been doing so far this week:


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