‘Student Easy Move’ Advert

Earlier this week I met up with Tayo and Kelvin, both from Clever Lens Productions, who asked if I would like to take part in an advert for a student cleaning service called Student Easy Move.

Student Easy Move is a service by students, for students, focused on cleaning student accommodation, storing and moving them to their new home, in order to ensure their deposit is guaranteed to be refunded.

On location I was introduced to Maureen Bennett (Co-Owner of Student Easy Move). Their website can be found here: www.easymovestudents.co.uk

The aim was to produce an advert for their commercial campaign. They are also conducting marketing and require the services of media production/advertising students to help them produce it.

For this promotional video, I was required to act as a student who has hired Student Easy Move and has been satisfied with the quality of the service. As well as act, I also helped prop the set, offer advice for camera shots, set up the camera, plan an interview and create a script.

Here is the video, produced by Clever Lens:

This experience made me understand that I need to improve my improvisational speaking when on camera, but enabled me to use my technical skills when using cameras and allowed me to engage with other students to help produce a common goal.


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