New York Experience

On 29th April I travelled to New York to undergo a small project, in which I wanted to take still photographs taken from a Nikon D90 of how the city is so lively and busy.

As I was unable to insure the D90 camera, I instead had to take my own Sony HD Handycam, which was not really suitable for stills, so I took footage instead. I visited the main tourist locations but also travelled to Coney Island and was present on the set of Men In Black 3 (Theme Park Scene), so I look forward to seeing that when it’s at the cinema.

I had planned to take part in Pete Woodbridge’s project ‘Sounds of the Subway: In the Belly of the Beast’, however, due to the business of the city, I soon lost him so didn’t manage to help out. Instead I just created my own project using my camera, though the footage isn’t of a great quality.

I also attended the ‘Chicago’ Broadway Show, which was incredible. I chatted with some of the actors/producers after the show. There truly is a lot of work behind the scenes to maintain everything runs smoothly and synchronised.

Here is a short spoof trailer I created using iMovie for a bit of fun:

It was extremely fortunate to be in New York at the time of the news of Osama Bin Laden being killed. There was a huge hype and people were running through the streets waving American flags and crying with happiness. There was so much emotion being expressed; it was surreal. On 2nd May during the day I travelled to Ground Zero to grab a piece of the action. There were thousands of people there chanting nd singing the national anthem, and there was at least 20 different news channel vans parked up just down the road. I took some footage on my phone:


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