Geotech Filming

In March I received an email from Mike Heath, a media and marketing manager who needed a media student to shoot an installation video for the latest product from Geotech, the market leading manufacturer and supplier for biogas and landfill gas portable analysers. Their analysers are used worldwide and are rapidly becoming even more important with the growing global focus on energy from waste.

The Geotech website:

Here is the email I sent Mike:

He chose me over a number of other students because I mentioned the equipment I could use, what I have produced in the past, what software I could edit on and my ability to use the equipment to a high standard.

He soon replied and sent me the brief:

After hours of research and communication with the company, myself and Mike produced a script. V1 and V2 were alright but needed fixing. Here is the updated script/running order for the instructional video:

GA3000 Easy Installation Video Narration Script V3

I am now in the final stage of editing the video, and due to my restrictions by the company I cannot post up what I have on here, but here is one of many screenshots of the edit:


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