Montage Of Beautiful Things: Reflection And Evaluation

The piecing together of the final montage was a painstakingly long process, but that is all part-and-parcel of the production. Looking back over the past 10 weeks of this module there are of course things I would have changed, things I would have done differently in order to achieve a greater outcome. Firstly, I would have organised myself better, I would not have let one weeks work pile on-top of the next, resulting in me rushing two projects needlessly over the duration of just seven days. I should have also booked out production equipment well in advance, there is no way I could book out a JVC-700/Sony Z1/Z5 a week in advance of when I was planning to film; consequently this forced me to use DSLRs such as the Nikon D90, which by all means is not a bad camera, though the quality difference is noticeable. One thing I did prefer about the D90 is that it was by far the easiest to transport to shooting locations.


Here is my finished montage. Please watch on Vimeo so you can watch in full HD and Fullscreen. Feel free to rate and comment, any feedback is welcome.

Of course there are shots I like much more than others, but I wanted to piece together my work to best fit the assignment brief, so I had to include those which I believed were not as strong/contained enough meaning. Reflecting on the edit I produced I should probably not have edited so heavily, I suppose I just got into the flow of it and didn’t know when to stop! There are shots which have been equalised perhaps too much and therefore lost some of the quality and character of the image, however I wanted to prove that I had good knowledge of the video filters in FinalCutPro. I guess sometimes ‘too much’ degrades a piece, keeping it more simple may have resulted in a better piece.

Here are a couple of screenshots I took during the editing process, I should have taken more but I forgot at the time.


I organised my footage into appropriate bins and saved every 15 minutes or so to ensure all the changes were backed up on my computer incase the programme crashed for some reason.


Here are some photos I took regarding symmetry. I focused on when light is reflected from water and mirrors to create the illusion of a separate reality, a reality where everything is almost similar in every way apart from the perspective from which our eyes see.



I got lucky in terms of weather whilst filming. Every day I went out filming the weather was perfect blue skies. Couldn’t have asked for more really. I always had my student ID with me, so whenever I was asked why I was filming I would just whip out my card and all was fine and dandy.

Things can only get better with practice, and now I am aware of all the equipment/editing software I will be able to create more ‘beautiful’ things in the future. Finished with this montage, on to the next!


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