Montage Of Beautiful Things: Research

NOTE: For the majority of my research for the ‘Montage Of Beautiful Things’ see the ‘Process and Development‘ post.

Creative Narratives, The Moving Image And Montage

Ideas come from viewing all sorts of media, combining this with the creative thoughts and interests of the individual. Personal experiences may affect the way in which this idea is presented. Also, the web may be an influence on how to form an idea. Songs can create images for the listener, and from that the individual can take what they hear and create physical images. Visual stimuli such as photos, paintings and illustrations can be made into moving images by the use of imagination. Originality is widely respected, but if an idea has already been made, credit is often required.

A ‘montage’ is a french world meaning ‘putting together’ and is most commonly described as a filmmaking technique which uses fast editing, special effects and music to present compressed narrative information. It is, in effect, the combination of two or more similar things used in sequence to create another media artefact, which often differs from the original, to provide a specific or new meaning.

This may be still images such as ones shown above by Peter Kennard, or moving image, best shown in the clip bellow, taken from the action/comedy/spoof, ‘Team America’ (2004):


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