Short Film: Development And Pre-Production

The Storyboard

I have been working on a storyboard to fit with the script. These are the shots which we have initially decided on. We just need to find the ideal locations where these shots will look their finest (within each of the larger locations: London, Glastonbury, Stonehenge), which we will be doing on Friday 11th. It is this day that we will also be completing our Recce Sheets and Risk Assessment Forms ready for the Saturday.

Storyboard - Page One

From this I produced a sample shot list:

  • Long shot of a house slowly zooming towards the door until medium-close up. Locked off.
  • Medium-close up of Charles sat in a chair on the phone to Phil. Locked off.
  • Close up of Charles. Locked off.
  • Medium-long shot of Phil walking down a busy London Street. Handheld, camera operator walking backwards.
  • Close up of Charlie. Locked off.
  • Medium shot of Pete outside a pub on a bench. Low angle, locked off.
  • Medium-close up of Charles. Locked off.
  • Long shot of Phil striding past the London Eye. Pan shot, left to right.
  • Low angle medium shot of Phil walking from behind. Hand-held.
  • Long shot of Pete walking through Regents Park, past a tree. Locked off.
  • Long shot of Pete, firstly focusing on the nearby fountain and then focusing in on Pete. Locked off.
  • Long shot of the two characters meeting. Locked off.
  • Close up of them embracing. Static, locked off.
  • Long shot of the two men casually strolling over Millennium Bridge. Pan shot, right to left.
  • Medium shot of the two men travelling past Stone henge. Pan right to left, Stonehenge only just comes into shot. Locked off.
  • Super extreme long shot. Two silhouetted figures seen walking on the horizon. Locked off.
  • Extreme long shot of Phil and Pete walking up the hill towards Glastonbury Tor. Zoomed. Locked off.
  • The two men seen walking down a hill and off screen. Locked off. Fades to black.

    Storyboard - Page Two

    • Fades in to medium shot of the three men in a tent. Locked off.
    • Close up of Phil. Handheld.
    • Medium close-up of Phil and Pete. Locked off.
    • Close up of Pete. Handheld.
    • Close-up of Phil. Handheld.
    • Medium-long shot of The three of them. Locked off.
    • Repeated. Camera angled left slightly. Locked off.
    • Repeated. Camera angles right slightly. Locked off.
    • Medium-long shot of them. In original set-up. Locked off.
    • Close-up of Phil. Confused expression with head-torch. Handheld.
    • Medium close-up of Charles and Pete laughing. Locked off.
    • Fades to black as laughter is heard. Door is heard slamming/female voice is heard.
    • Fades into a hand emerging from tent. Close-up, locked off.
    • Long shot of a living room.
    • Fade to black. End.

    The Outline And Shooting Schedule.

    Here is the film essentials outline.


    And an up-to-date shooting schedule.

    >>Shooting Schedule<<

    Mick knows a girl studying graphic design at Nottingham Trent University who gladly helped produce  our title sequence. We think it works brilliantly. Thanks go out to Jess Philips for this:

    Using these graphics, check out this DVD COVER Rich has made.

    Over The Hill - DVD Cover


    List Of Items To Bring To The Shoot

    • JVC-700 Camera.
    • Rain-cover.
    • Large Tripod.
    • Boom Pole.
    • Rifle Mic.
    • Headphones.
    • 2x XLRs.
    • Reflector.
    • Gels.
    • 2x Sandisk Memory Cards.
    • De-do Lights Collection.
    • JVC LCD Monitor & Cables.
    • JVC Battery Charger.
    • Laptops For Importing.
    • Printed Manual Of JVC-700.
    • Clapperboard.
    • Stopwatch.
    • Mick’s DSLR.
    • Sleeping Bags.
    • Lantern.
    • Torches.
    • Beans.
    • Beers.
    • Toilet Roll.
    • Pots & Pans.
    • 2x Backpacks.
    • Sleeping mat.
    • Kettle.
    • Gas-stove.
    • Sandwiches.
    • White Card (White Balancing).
    • Notepad & Pen (1st AD).
    • Mobiles/Numbers & Chargers.
    • 1st Aid Kit.
    • Money.
    • Coats.
    • Wellies.
    • Hats.
    • Fleeces.
    • Drinking Water.

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