New York Project: Smile

Over the past few weeks I have been observing the way people behave in public spaces surrounded by others. They are boring! 1 in 100 people smile, which is terrible. Life is supposed to be fun and interesting, and by walking in straight lines, looking at the ground, not interacting with others, we as a community of individuals are becoming isolated in our own personal space. Over the Easter break I will be travelling to the media capital of the world, New York, where I will undergo my film project appropriately entitled “Smile”.

I intend to travel the streets of New York with the sole aim to make people smile. I will be working with others who will be helping record the visuals and sound. I want to engage with the public, make them look up and see what is around them and most importantly make an impact on their oh-so-average daily lives. I will be dressing in my black morph-suit holding a variation of different cardboard signs with images/words on them to interact and hopefully provoke emotional responses from passers by. It is these responses which I will collect as a basis to form my mini film. I am motivated by entertaining and making others feel happy, therefore this project is purely for fun, but I would also like to include this piece into my personal showreel.

Hopefully I will be able to rent out a JVC-700 and boom mic to record the footage, however if I do not attempt to do so I will be using either a Sony Z1 or Z5 camera.


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