Short Film: Research And Development

I have been looking into websites containing short films and I have been heavily interested in the site ‘Shooting People‘. The director of the documentary success ‘Supersize Me‘, Morgan Spurlock, said “Shooting People is a necessity for anyone who works, lives and breathes independent film“.

Shooting People Statistics

There are monthly and competitions that can be entered by individuals or production companies; HERE is January’s winner. This site is a possibility for us to enter our short film for distribution and critical analysis once produced, however it does come at an annual cost of £30. Also, Vimeo Video School was helpful in suggesting various techniques of how to film, as well as the book ‘Video Production: Putting Theory Into Practice‘ By Steve Dawkins And Ian Wynd. In particular the chapter on pre-production. It almost seems as though 70% of the production work is done before the production (at least, for everyone other than the editor). There is a sense that scripts can ‘never be finished’, not even after 20 redrafts, it can never be quite perfect, because how can it be? There are so many ways of analysing ideas on paper, it is left to the imagination to decide what it will look like on the big screen.

I believe simple ideas make it far in regard to short film productions. If a story is too detailed and complicated audiences lose focus and become lost within too much information. I’ve watched this brilliant short comedy that has been put up on the BBC Film Network and it truly shows just how important good characters, in collaboration with a simple yet engaging storyline can be. I hope to adapt similar ideas into my short film; for example a humorous twist which leaves the viewers feeling light-hearted at the end. This leads on to the notion of “only the fantastic and the shit, is remembered”, which is so true; similarly used in advertising which double up as short films with their narratives…

Annoying, horrible ideas are remembered. Don’t get me wrong, there are also great ones that are remembered…

Something simple yet different, something professional and physically beautiful that entertains and captivates the attention of a wide audience… that will be a success; and although it is hard to believe, there are many ideas still out there to be discovered.

As our original agreed idea had been shot out of the water, we have moved onto visualising a brand new short film idea, which have not yet decided an appropriate name for. This has been constantly changed and a full version of the storyline will be viewable in a later post.

Brief Storyline

In short, three middle aged men who have wanted to go to a festival but have never got round to it plan to go to Glastonbury before it’s too late. They are seen travelling on an epic journey across hills, through fields and past various British landmarks (Stonehenge, The Angel Of The North, The London Eye) and they all meet at a certain point – we were thinking on The Clifton Suspension Bridge – and they are then seen walking over Glastonbury Tor. Scene cuts to the three men in a tent joking about, festival noises surrounding them, until suddenly a door slam is heard from outside. There is a close-up of a hand emerging from the tent and switching off the television. The camera zooms slowly out to reveal they have simply set up the tent inside their spacious living room and they are joyously playing out their childish fantasy.

Screen fades to black. End.

Here is our first draft for our short film currently entitled ‘A Festival‘. Note: This is not the final draft, just something to start with.

A Festival‘ – First Draft Script

A famous quote from Ernest Hemingway – The first draft of anything is shit, and rightly so! There is much to be done but this provides us with a basis to work from. A couple of title problems, character names and extra dialogue issues need addressing as you will see.

Our Short Film Blog – SAMPLE TEXT.

We have labelled our group production name SAMPLE TEXT and have created our group blog that can be found HERE.


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