Short Film: New Idea – Two Men Fishing

Our idea envisages two elderly men (late 60s – early 70s) to be walking up to the centre of a bridge overshadowing a lake/river in Southwest England. They would be seen walking from either end of this bridge and an extreme long shot of them meeting and embracing each other. There would not need to be dialogue so long as the visuals were enough to reinforce the fact that the two were good friends and have had a history together. They would be dressed in stereotypical fishing attire (wellies, fleece, coat, hat, fishing rod and a backpack full off fishing equipment).

The screen would fade to black for a moment to emphasise the passage of time and the scene would reopen to the two sat together on the edge of the bridge fishing. Either on the edge of a bridge or in a boat (however acquiring a boat and filming within the boat with a JVC-700 camera may cause issues and as we are students we don’t wish to risk damaging it). The two men would be laughing and smiling as they enjoy their day out. The first man suddenly checks his pockets and realises he has lost his keys. His expression is not one of amusement.

The second man decides to play a prank on him and ties his own keys to the end of his fishing line. He lowers his line into the water, nudges his friend and pulls his line up out of the water revealing a set of keys. The other man is overjoyed and grabs the keys with a huge shy of relief. However, after inspecting the keys closer he notices they are not his keys after all, so throws them into the lake and continues fishing with a sulk. The second man is left in utter shock and he leans back and looks at him in disbelief. Both men have now lost their keys.


EDIT: After deciding as a group this would be our final idea to develop on, one of the lecturers showed us this following piece, which none of us had ever seen before, which was almost identical to our idea. After viewing this, we chose to start from the drawing board with a fresh idea.


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