Short Film: Introduction To Module

For this module I went out and purchased ‘Video Production: Putting Theory Into Practice’, By Steve Dawkins And Ian Wynd. The book contains everything we need to know about the module and after reading through the various chapters in short I have noticed many things which I will refer back to throughout the module to help me produce my finished piece.

Firstly, I am well aware of the three main stages of video production:

  • Pre-production: The planning and research stage.
  • Production: The actual production of your footage.
  • Post-production: The editing of that raw footage into the finished production, ready for distribution to the intended audience.

My aim throughout the duration of this module is to work through these stages, but possibly more professionally and more thoroughly than I have done previously, to produce my own, high quality short film, which I will then wish to distribute to film festivals nationwide.

The building blocks of a successful video production are:

  • Effective individual and team-working skills.
  • Knowledge of equipment, techniques and practices.
  • The ability to analyse, reflect and evaluate.

Creativity is key when thinking up an idea for a short film, or any production for that matter. It is this creativity which can be noticed and absorbed by the audience resulting in entertainment value.

So, what is a short?

The short film genre is huge; there are many different types of short film, but they tend to be categorised according to:

  • Length: Bermuda shorts, short shorts, micro shorts etc.
  • Content: Often mirrors traditional cinema genres, yet more often than not much more experimental.
  • Style: Edgy, Cinematic, Documentary.
  • Distribution: Cinema, Websites (Three Minute Wonders) etc.

Over the next few weeks I will be doing my research into short films, viewing related websites in depth regarding this genre and attending short film viewings in my local area, such as ‘Roots To Shoots‘ at the Royal Spa Centre – Whose slogan is “Screening and promoting grassroots to shooting stars film talent“. This would be an ideal setting to screen my final short film at the end of the term!

The Group I will be working in for the module is made up of five members: Alex Hacking, Mick Le Mare, Jake Humbles, Richard Neal and Myself. Alex has created a Facebook group of which just the members of the group can see the content.

Facebook Group


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