Professional Experience Proposal

To begin with, I have not gone out and searched for one large work experience placement, but rather focused on planning lots of small, individual, on-going projects to be working on in my spare time; things that I am passionate about. I will of course still be looking for work placements, but only when I find those I am truly interested in will I aim towards them.

During the next few months I will be taking part in a live project for the Football Association (FA). I will be working in a team to produce a promotional DVD package, covering a variety of topics, gathering footage from across the West Midlands, to be distributed to schools, colleges, and community groups in the region covered by the FA. Once completed, I will be able to include this in my showreel/portfolio as an example of a successful real-world project.

Also, over Easter, I will be travelling to New York to produce a media artefact with a different group of students; we are currently in the pre-production stage of this artefact. Along with other opportunities which I will more than likely participate in, I hope to achieve a broadened knowledge of the industry I am going into by experiencing it first hand.

This summer I am going to the south coast of Spain for 4 weeks, in which time I will be planning and producing several media items (personal work) to add to my showreel of media artefacts. I believe travel broadens the mind and allows media producers to see the world ‘outside of their norm’, therefore producing media abroad will definitely be an experience to look forward to. I now have my own digital and HD camera to use, and my flights and accommodation have been sorted. I will be planning the pre-production of these mini projects closer to the date once I have sorted out the more important elements regarding my professional experience module.

Last term, during my formats module, I produced a radio based quiz show and it made me think that I could possibly look into radio as a career (or somewhere to start on my path towards a professional within the media). I currently have my own radio show with the University’s Radio Station, Source, every Saturday at 10pm (though I will soon be changing this time slot for earlier in the week as it clashes with my part-time job).

I have been looking further into what I want to do once I graduate from University and the strategies I would need to employ to go about doing this.

My primary ambition is to go into the production of short, animated films (cartoons) or stop-motion animation. I have always enjoyed illustrating characters and settings and using my imagination to create narratives in my head, and I began to think ‘what if I could combine this hobby with what I am learning in my media production course?’

I have done a lot of research into the field of animation. At the time of induction to the professional experience module I was shown a link to the skillset website. I found quite a lot of information on animation there, and also gained quite a few links which I have noted down for later references. Skillset:

Taking inspiration from early Disney animations such as ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Aladdin’ and more current comical sketches such as ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Simpsons’, I aim to build up a showreel of artefacts. I will be taking the short film ideas from my scrapbook, building on them and illustrating them into pictures in my spare time. I will then combine the research I have conducted with the narrative I have created and edit them into finished pieces to distribute across the internet and possibly short film festivals. I am currently looking into animation software suitable for what I want to achieve.

I have organised to attend professional filmmaking sessions, ‘Call The Shots’, a film making organisation based in Coventry. The meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month, so I’m heading down there on the 15th to get a bit of experience and have some fun. As well as this I will be going to view some short film screenings, ‘Roots To Shoots’ in order to have a look at what local filmmakers have to offer. The next showings are on the 27th January; I’m eagerly anticipating them!


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