Formats Production: Final Reflection

I will start by reflecting on the radio quiz show I produced with Brian and Stan, ‘Pants On Fire’. Overall, the comments we received were extremely positive. The panel saw our show as ‘part of a series’, and would be inclined to watch further scheduled shows, if we were to create more of the same show. Although we were last to present, and our audience was becoming increasingly more demoralised after a long time in the lecture theatre, they expressed emotional responses to what they heard. They laughed out loud at certain points, which is the response we intended, therefore we were happy with that outcome.

In retrospect there are things we would have changed to allow the show to be more engaging and successful. We would have played a continuous (but quiet) bed throughout the show, so as to give more depth and to remove those moments where we almost had ‘dead air’ when a contestant was thinking of what to say. With a quiet soundtrack underlying the piece there would always be something for the audience to hear, therefore allowing the show to flow more fluently.

Furthermore, we should have possibly included an audience phone call in the show, perhaps of them mentioning something that had happened to them and having our contestant guess whether it was the truth or a lie, thus adding to the theme of the show and the interactivity element of the quiz with the audience. This would have also proved we had just that little bit more knowledge and experience than the average joe, in terms of how to include certain aspects to a radio format production.

The idea of the show was widely appreciated, however we were criticised slightly on the fact that the show was somewhat similar to ‘Would I Lie To You?’ and ‘Never-mind The Buzzcocks’ the television quiz shows. We have learnt that if you produce something similar to something successful that already exists, the show you have produced will be continuously compared to its better counterpart; and of course we didn’t have the equipment, celebrity access or budget they have to produce their shows. This is something we have absorbed and learnt from.

All in all, I, along with Brian and Stan, am pleased with our first radio show. It is a quiz show I wouldn’t mind using in my personal show with Source Radio (currently on Saturday’s 10-12 midnight). Keep your ears open!

The Radio Show's Main Presenter, Brian

Secondly onto the television broadcast quiz show, ‘Who’s Who?’ I had a lot of fun creating this show along with the rest of the group. Each and every one of us contributed to the show, adding our own ideas as to how best to improve and produce it.

Using the Facebook group as a base to contact everyone in the group could not have worked better. Everyone was able to view the progress of the show from beginning to end. Ideas for graphics/set design/script drafts and other content was posted up and then discussed to see if/how it would fit into the flow of the show.

On the day of the final recording, the show took almost a full day because we chose to film in sections, in order to make the editing process easier. However, this meant it was much more time-consuming and stressful for everyone. The lights in the studio became extremely hot for everyone in front of the cameras, the camera operators had been stood up for hours and those in the gallery were becoming increasingly restless. Having said that, we did have a few breaks in order to re-cuperate and in the end we pulled off a great performance all round.

The Gallery

We had practiced for a fourth round just incase we had time to add in during the editing process. For this round we had prepared a surprise for Kelvin, the show’s host. From our line-up we had to guess who was in the blurred photograph that myself, Charlie and Kelvin had in front of us. Everyone knew who it was in the photo apart from Kelvin (because it was him!) but the picture was so edited that it could have been anyone. However, after editing what we had already, we couldn’t fit this section into the show, but it was fun nonetheless to see Kelvin’s expression when the real image was revealed. Priceless.

Kelvin Blurred

Kelvin (A.k.a. Kanye West?)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the pre-production and final production of our show, it was great fun.


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