The Script

As I was originally the producer of the show along with Lydia, it was our job to create the script for the show, together with the director Gergana. I created an extremely brief script to start from, based around the rounds for the quiz we had come up with. It was difficult because most of what was to be spoken was to be spontaneous and improvised, but we had an outline to work from, in order to maintain the show fit into the time we had to produce it. I was going to use the programme Celtx to write up the show, but didn’t get round to it as I was allocated a new role soon after to be a contestant on the show instead.

Bellow is the script that Lydia put together.

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She did a great job as it was hard work to keep the show to meet deadlines at certain times. The script fit together well in the end because of the collaborative work of Lydia, Kirsty (auto-cue) and Kate (floor manager) who made it easy for Kelvin to read his lines on time and control the flow of conversation while the cameras were running.



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