Interm Crit: Reflection

After meeting with our module leader, we discussed what ideas we had for the show so far. Most of what we had didn’t need much changing; the idea for the show and the drafted script we had brought great feedback.

Here s the feedback we received:

Feedback Sheet - Part 1

A short summary of our show would be: ‘A quirky quiz show that challenges the contestants to guess from various line-ups as to who is involved in the question asked by the host. If guessed correctly, that person would be awarded a point and at the end of the show the contestant with the most points wins a prize’. The intended audience has been suggested at 15-35 (although mostly a student demographic) and not gender specific. In order to invite the audience to take part too, we have introduced the website into the script, so as to allow the audience to go online and browse around the site, check behind-the-scenes photos/videos and take part in a competition. Our USP is that the show is lively, fun and interactive and this is supported by the humorous content, the friendly, confident host and the music.

Feedback - Part 2

In terms of experimenting with camera shots, we chose to include some more variations such as close ups and wide angle shots. We tried using the jib for the opening shot but this turned out to be an issue when sorting the graphics on the blue-screen, therefore we scrapped that idea as it was taking up too much time. We have chosen to add “Who’s Who?” into the script more often, so as to keep referring to the title of the show. In a similar way to Chris Tarrent when he says “So lets play… Who Wants To Be, A Millionaire”, we have Kelvin saying “Let’s play, Who’s Who” and when revealing the correct guest from the lineup he says “It’s time to reveal Who’s Who”.

Instead of starting at the beginning and finishing at an advertisement break, we had the option to change the show to starting from a break and finish at the end of the show. The positives of this is that it would establish a clear winner, allow us to conclude the show for the viewers, thus satisfying this needs and expectations (uses and gratifications theory). We were told that when showing the credits we should show underlaying pictures of the host on his meal with the winner. However, we had problems with this as it would not make the show appear live, and we would have had to script a clear winner and because our contestants are not professionals, it may then appear scripted to the audience, especially after a few run-throughs.

As well as our script, we presented our running order and ideas that we had for the colour theme and set. From our first feedback session we did not appear as much as a group of professionals as Karen (formats module leader) expected from us, therefore we put our heads down and ech and every one of us worked hard in order to perform and prepare for this feedback session, therefore we had everything sorted and ready to present. We all hoped she was pleased, and I think she was.

Bellow is the running order we have for the show.

Running Order - Part 1

Running Order - Part 2

As a group we have discussed each individual point and done something about it. By the time the show is presented at the end of the module, we hope to have entertained the audience and shown them we have overcome the issues we had and sorted them so as to create a successful show which they can enjoy viewing.


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