TV Quiz Show: The Development

To begin with, we created a group on Facebook where we could all contact each other and present our individual ideas to the rest of the production team. It is this group which we used to post up images, personal research, links, and anything relevant to the pre-production process (to which we have learnt is around 70% of the workload). We used this social networking opportunity to get to know each and every person involved and see how much everyone has contributed to the show. The group itself is private therefore only those in the team can access it, though here is a screenshot of it in the early days of production.

Production Team 2 Facebook Group

It is here that we discussed the budget; mainly involving the cost of props/set which would consist of desks for the host/contestants, paint, and stickers to be placed on the desks at a later stage. It worked out around £2 each which was fine with everyone. Jaz controlled the cash flow for the project and together with Gergana got in contact with the local woodwork shop in the Graham Southerland building basement. The tables were completed on time, then it was just the matter of transporting them to the Studio, which wasn’t much trouble.

In terms of colour, we didn’t want the set to appear dark and unwelcoming, therefore we decided on light summery colours (even though it is winter). Green, yellow and blue seemed appropriate. Here we liked the arylide yellow.


Stan found a suitable coloured background for the show to graphically edit onto the blue-screen. This was later adopted into the theme of the website.

Background Idea

The font for the title of the show was also discussed. We didn’t want it to be ordinary and boring, so we chose one with a bit of character.



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