Radio Quiz Show: Initial Ideas

For the first half of this term, I have been working with two other students from my course, Brian Mansi and Stanley Lau, with the collective aim to produce a successful radio show to which the brief will follow a quiz show format.

The three of us have met several times now and attended workshops introducing us to the recording studios in the media building. We have been experimenting with the equipment in the studios and have had tutorials on adobe audition in regard to when it comes to the editing process. Myself and Stan agreed on Brian being lead presenter of the show as his voice is much more profound and sounds professional when played back through headphones; we were to be the ‘team captains’.

Together we discussed our initial ideas of what content we wanted to include and how to go about it. We wanted to create a spontaneous, comical and ‘LADish’ radio quiz asking the contestants questions such as “What phobia’s do you have?” and “What is your most embarrassing moment?” In short, we wanted to develop our ideas to engage our audience and establish connections with similar shows such as ‘Nevermind the Buzzcocks’ and ‘Would I Lie To You?’.


We established friendships with our contestants before recording the final show as we wanted the contestants us as presenters to interact in a friendly, comical and casual manner, thus allowing the intended audience (18-25 year old males) to recognise the humour and relate to the ‘banter’. This will also have a positive effect on the content of the show, as the contestants will be more open and confident around us, allowing the flow of natural conversation to work its magic.

The Studio

We originally chose that we wanted to start the broadcast coming in from the end of a song, however, after meeting with the module leader and discussing this idea, we decided against this, as we wanted to focus primarily on the quiz. If we were to sell the show to a professional market, then it would be just the show itself that the audience would we interested in.

It was amusing how we found it difficult to overcome the obstacle on pre-watershed. Between the three of us, we often have casual (some may say immature and boyish) banter and we wanted to portray this in our show, however some of the topics of conversation would not have been appreciated by the wider community! We thought it would be best to calm is down a bit in order to relate to a wider, mixer gender audience, but still of a similar age demographic.

We wanted the quiz to contain a minimum of three rounds, so as to establish a clear winner at the end of the show. Points are to be awarded by one of two methods: the team that guesses correctly and uncovers the truth behind the lie, or whether the team telling the lie fools the other team into thinking their story was actually the truth.

We believe this format will entertain the audience and leave them in fits of laughter at the ridiculous stories our contestants come up with. Will it be believable, or such an obvious lie it hurts to listen to it?


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