Essay Plan: First Draft Ideas

Essay Plan – Brief Initial Ideas

The context of current media production is that user-generated content of little real value or worth is eclipsing more traditional forms of media production. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Intro paragraph. Address the question. How is the world changing and how are we adapting to this change? Explain what is user-generated and what is deemed traditional. Gives brief examples (to be discussed in more depth later).

Mention the phrase ‘little real value’ and break apart what it means. Gather quotes from critics about what texts are considered to be of great ‘value’. Who judges what is and what isn’t value. Surely it would depend on an individual’s perception on a specific text? What is value? Popularity? Artistic ability?

Technological advances. YouTube, Google for example. How the ability to get content out to the world has become much easier for media producers. You don’t have to be a director to get your name heard. Anyone has the chance to create a media object and distribute it to millions.

Mention how rules/laws have changed; acts have changed allowing content to be more accessible and easily distributed. What happened to allow this? Where? Who organised it? Discuss Capitalism vs. Communism. Feminism. How has cinema, television, radio been affected by the change.

Industrial change. Publicly generated content is huge competition for large media production companies. The general public is an institution in itself; the most demanding/progressive/competitive of all perhaps? Power shift.

Research into the development of the Internet. How has it adapted over time and how have people responded to the availability it offers.

Research theorists. E.g. Dick Hebdidge. Frederic Jameson. (Go to the library, research online, but find reliable sources – check and re-check).

Give an example of user-generated context (from YouTube) and analyse it. Explain its potential, what is good/bad about it and critical responses to it.

Give an example of a traditional media text. Possibly a television show/film/documentary? What is there to like/dislike about it?

Compare and contrast the two above texts.

Refer back to points that have been made and collectively combine them to summarise the question and round off the argument.


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