New York

During spring term next year I will be travelling to New York to undergo a media orientated project. I have already began to think about possible ideas to put forward to the rest of those involved, as I believe that the pre-production process of this project should begin well in advance of the trip, in order to remove as many complications as possible before arriving there; for example timing schedules, paperwork (involving permission slips for filming in specific locations) and how much money we will require for food and travel.

The budget will be an topic for consideration when I meet with the rest of the group, as well as issues regarding timing, travel to locations and the booking of equipment from the loan shop. All of this will need to be arranged well in advance of the trip. Also, closer to the date I will need to check the forecasted weather. If there is expected snow for example, this will majorly affect our presentation of the final product.

Times Square

As it is New York, the city in which some call, ‘the media capital of the world’, I believe that our project could possibly focus on the development of the media industry within the city, and how technological advances over time have effected the distribution of media artefacts. This is just one idea. Another is the focus on American sports. Sport is huge in America, and it could be interesting to produce a promotional video or advert for a sports team based in New York, such as for Ice Hockey, the New York Islanders or New York Rangers. However, this particular sport is just something I am personally interested in therefore I will probably designate this as a side project while I am over there.

New York Islanders

This will be such a vital experience in terms of developing my portfolio as a media scholar. I have been to New York in the past, but never with the opportunity of creating a media artefact of real potential value. Now I have that chance.

When I next meet up with the group I will post a further reflection of the discussion we had on this blog. Until then, watch this space!


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