Introduction To Professional Experience

My introduction to my professional experience module began with the screening of this video: Jake Polonsky’s ‘School Of Life’.

The message is simple: “Life can be unfair.” We are all individuals and have our own perception on the world. Life is about sharing our knowledge, experiences and personality with each other, in order to widen our own views on life.

This made me realise that if I was to successfully get through life the way I hope, I will have to overcome knockdowns and obstacles that stand in my way. I will have to seek opportunities and seize them.

I have considered working abroad later in the year. This experience, I believe, will give me a fundamentally different view of a different country as well as developing certain professional skills that I could never have developed here in the UK. I am currently teaching myself Spanish in order to be able to communicate more efficiently elsewhere in the world, as Spanish is a particularly diverse language.

I have been thinking about the skills – technical, creative, personal, interpersonal, managerial etc. – that I will need to develop in order to produce work abroad. Not only this but I have been thinking about the logistics of placement abroad such as funding, time scale and accommodation. Abroad work would provide outstanding CV and portfolio material, therefore this is primarily what I hope to achieve.

I intend to also take part in the New York trip around Easter time 2011. This has also been a consideration for debate when thinking about placement abroad. I would love to work in America, and of course New York; I think this would be the turning point for me in terms of experience within the media. We shall see.

From now until December I will be looking into researching areas of the media I am most interested in, primarily television, radio, stop-motion animation and photography. I have a weekly radio show with the University’s Radio Station, Source, and I plan to use this experience to contact professionals within radio and television and ask them for their advice.

Furthermore I have also thought about volunteer work related to the area of media production; possibly creating short documentaries about cancer research and posting them about the internet and film festivals. I hope for this to develop key transferable skills and inevitably boost employability towards the end of my course.

I will be posting further reflections on this subject area throughout this first term, and by early December I aim to have planned and contacted a specific organisation and pursued the matter further.


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