Year Two

Ok so after an eventful summer in Spain, coming back to then help my parents and brother get sorted with moving house, I myself have moved into a house at University with the LADs. Haven’t had  easy internet access while I was in Spain so this has been my first post since arriving back in Coventry.

I’m definitely looking forward to what year two has to offer; it surely will be a different experience to my fresher year, as now I am supposedly much wiser and mature… yeah.

So, second year is expected to be much, much more difficult, hopefully. I want to really exceed my limits in terms of the level of work I produce. I have emailed the manager of Source Radio, so should be getting a weekly radio show, which Im looking forward to!

I’ve gone out and bought two books in preparation for this year’s course, which set me back a bit, but should pay back for themselves from what I learn from them!

Also have a job interview tomorrow for a bar-staff/waitering job at the Ricoh Football Arena which should be interesting. After the ridiculous spending of last year with no income it was about time I got a job to fund those epic nights out.

That’s pretty much it, time to get to work!


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