Energy Drink Experiment VT

Originally we intended to include an advert promoting a made-up energy drink, ‘Rangerade’, to fit in between the sports debate and the music performance at the end of the show.

After speaking with the module leader, who suggested a comparison between already known brands would be more effective, we changed our mind and decided to set up an experimental VT where Kelvin, our sports presenter, would be on location at student accommodation with two students who volunteered to test out a small selection of well-known energy drinks and choose which one they preferred.

We went out and bought some energy drinks and then went back to mine to put together a plan.

We shot and filmed this VT in a small group (Kelvin, Alex, Mick, James and myself) in my kitchen area and used two PDX10 cameras (one on a tripod, one handheld) to film. It was a successful shoot, however the lighting was a slight issue, nothing a bit of editing can’t fix!


One thought on “Energy Drink Experiment VT

  1. I know this is an old blog, but Rangerade was an actually sports frink, marketed in the Dallas / Ft Worth metro area and most of north Texas in the early to mid 80s. Of course it was a marketing ploy designed to help promote the ailing Texas Rangers. I’m not sure who made it and after I moved from the area in 1987, I never heard of it again.

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