Designing The Set

Right from the word go we had issues with our set. We had originally intended to call the show ‘The Blue Room’ after all our group is The Blue Group and we thought we would follow the trend. However, due to the use of the chroma key, we couldn’t have anything in the set that was blue, including clothes, cushions, paint or chairs because they would interfere with the colours during the graphics throughout the show and the end credits.

We soon decided to use six wooden boards which would act as out background, in order to remove the blue screen from being in shot of any of the cameras. James stepped up to be our DIY handyman and as a group we all helped him build the frames for the boards to stand up against. Soon we had our boards up and we thought it would look best covered by thin fabric. We therefore searched IKEA for a decent fabric we could perhaps use, however, after buying and testing how it looked on camera we decided that it was too boring and didn’t look welcoming.

After this slight speed-bump we moved onto a different approach. Instead of painting the boards we chose to cover them in paper and paint the paper, as the boards were already painted and we didn’t want to do so and only find that the paint wouldn’t stick. We agreed on the colour green as it is bright and represents a summer feel which is comfortable and welcoming for an audience, especially at this time of year. As well as this we wanted to make the set appear more student orientated, therefore created our very own ‘red brick walls’ with leaflets and flyers attached with staples. This was risky as we thought it may make the set appear too crowded on camera, however the outcome was excellent.

Here are a few photographs in a slideshow taken of the set.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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