Student Band: ‘The Reading Room’

The brief for the practical broadcast media module stated that we needed to include a studio interview involving people outside of our course. We discussed many possibilities as a group and everyone soon decided on the idea of a young, student band being the main focus of the show; this would therefore also solve the problem of finding someone to perform on the show and provide them the ability to promote their music if they were willing to do so.

We have had a look around for potential bands in the Coventry area and it wasn’t long before we came across two best friends from Coventry University studying music who have put together a successful band. The two young lads, Nick Clinch and Noah Jackson Foster (Jack) were born at different ends of the country, but met in the middle and so ‘The Reading Room’ was formed.

The Reading Room often perform together in Nick's bathroom at University.

The pair have been best of friends since the first day of freshers week, so they haven’t been writing songs together long (since September 2009), however they have rapidly became popular in towns and cities up and down the country with their acoustic folk pop/indie music.

Their unique songs combine personal and honest lyrics with upbeat and lively instrumental hooks. With influences such as City & Colour and Mumford & Sons, ‘The Reading Room’ offer audiences a new approach to modern music; a distinct combination of pop and folk as well as their own creative twist.

They have recently released their EP which can be purchased here. This includes four tracks recorded and mixed with Lucid Cut Productions in Luton. They mention how they are “constantly writing new material and perfecting their live performances, are very serious about playing to as many people as possible and furthering their sound by sharing it with as many as possible.” This is where we come in.

Bellow is a link to their MySpace page, as well as their YouTube account where there are previews available of some of their songs.


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