Casting Role: Presenter

Today we met as a group to pitch for the roles that we wanted to have over the course of the module.

The two roles that I happened to be most interested in, floor manager and presenter, were also the most popular with others in the group, therefore there was some competition when it came to the casting.

Of course I do enjoy filming and being behind the camera, however I also love being in front of the camera performing. I was extremely pleased when the group decided to make me presenter, as it is the role I am most passionate about.

I have been involved in drama, theatrical productions and amateur films from a young age and enjoy performing for an audience, speaking out clearly and following a script (as well as improvising when necessary). I aim not to let any of the team down, so I will be performing my best as enthusiastically and professionally as I can.

Image taken from The Guardian

I have done some background research on the role of presenter and learnt a lot from what is required of me. There is a lot of pressure on my shoulders to be able to perform for a live broadcast show, however I enjoy being under pressure as it is a challenge; I’m confident that I’ll be able to do a good job.

Myself and Kate preparing to present.

We practiced later in the day, which proved successful as everyone became acclimatised with their roles. I think that everyone is satisfied with the roles that they have now got and it has become much easier working in the studio now everyone knows exactly what they are expected to do.


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