Task 3: Adding Pictures and Embedding Videos to Googlemaps

Today I decided to go out and take some photographs around Coventry, as the weather was fantastic. I intentionally walked on a specific route. I started my journey from the student accommodation Trinity Point and made my way past Callice Court, The Ellen Terry Building, the City Centre and the SkyDome finishing at the house I will be staying next year on Northumberland Road.

Now that my journey has been planned, I have now added photos to my map. Firstly I imported the photos into iPhoto. These were the images that I liked best, those which were most relevant for the path I would be taking next year from Northumberland Road to The Ellen Terry Building.

From here I then uploaded them to my Flickr.

And then copied the image address.

Which I then pasted into Googlemaps.

The code looked similar for every photo I added.

Here is a screenshot I took of me editing a short video to embed to my Googlemap journey.

The video is nothing special I just thought it would offer a new ‘angle’ to view Coventry from. I took this footage while filming part of a documentary for my research module, which just so happened to be from the highest point in Coventry. This footage was discarded and not used in the finished piece but I kept the original tape just incase it came in useful; and it has. The views are outstanding, therefore I chose to use it for this task, as not only is the length of my journey visible, but the entirety of Coventry is as well.

Uploading The Video To YouTube

Embedding the video wasn’t much harder but I came across a problem. Here is a screenshot of me copying the embed HTML.

Then I pasted the code into the HTML section on the point that I wanted.

However, the problem I have now is that the video will only play while I am in edit mode. I am currently finding a way to solve this. Here is a snapshot to prove this:

And finally, here is my finished Google map for everyone to see:

I chose Coventry for my visualisation because I feel as though it is now my home. Even though I believe the map I have created is worthless for me, it may be useful for people or students who are new to the city. I am able to walk around the Inner Ring Road and know exactly where everything is, as I have been living here for almost a year. I hope this Google map is useful for others as I have truly enjoyed creating it.


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