The Final Edit

Having chosen to import the tapes to my Mac, we decided to use Final Cut Pro to edit the 2 hours of footage into just 3 minutes. This at first appeared near impossible, however looking through what we filmed, we managed to narrow it down, slowly but surely, to the clips we liked best. There were disagreements at times, though we soon came to a mutual decision on the final piece.

Bellow are some screenshots taken of Final Cut:

Final Cut Pro

We organised all of our footage into bins, within bins, within bins. By doing this we found that when looking for the parts we wanted later in the editing process, we could find them instantly with ease.

Primary Bins


Expanded Further

And Even Further...

We used Motion to add the title and credits, gradually changing the opacity to allow our names to fade onto screen.

Changing The Opacity Of The Text

In order to add a wind noise over the title and credits, we used Soundtrack Pro. Here is a screenshot.

Creating The Wind Soundtrack

We used some archive footage from films Mark has been involved in before, but we made sure we did not go over the 10% that we were allowed to use.

Archive Footage

The edit was a success and we are looking forward to our presentation on Thursday.


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