Doritos Advert Competition

After purchasing a  packet of doritos yesterday I noticed the advertisement on the back of it. I followed the instructions to

Apparently, the only requirement is that the commercial includes a packet of Doritos shown at some point on screen, and that’s it! I already have a few ideas and planning on working with some friends to create a few adverts to submit.

The ad that receives the most votes will be crowned ‘The King of Ads’, and will be aired on national TV in June. The winner will also receive £100,000, as well as an extra £1 for every vote they receive up to an additional £100,000.

Doritos will also be launching a weekly TV show on its website, supported by Channel 4.

I found that the idea has been imported from the US, where a consumer-generated ad for Doritos was shown at last year’s Superbowl final, which proved uniquely successful for the company. Last year’s competition was won by 5PointProductions, which used its success to launch its creative content business.


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