Audience and Potential Screenings

This week I have been looking into where I could possibly screen future short films that I will be producing over the duration of my course.

To begin with this task I searched the internet for possible sites which promote short films. I started off looking into broadcast, internet, film festivals and cinemas as they are heavily regarded as main forces behind distributing films.

Firstly, in terms of broadcast distribution I found the website for Tarmak Films, a broadcast company based in Soho, London. They are extremely experienced within the industry and are dedicated to making high quality films and helping filmmakers distribute successful digital media. They have shown films on an array of channels, most significantly BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and Al Jazeera English. They are currently working on producing the web documentary series ‘Love Lane’. Within their recent TV broadcasts I noticed the ‘King of Laughter: 3 Minute Wonder’ shown on Channel 4, therefore they are interested in screening short films.

In regards to web screening, I found another interesting website: Cinelan. Claiming to host the ‘world’s best 3 minute films’ and viewing some of the videos on the site I am truly impressed. Obviously the quality of videos shown on here are far ahead of those posted up on YouTube.

When asked “Why Three Minutes? they respond:

In connection to web distribution for our film, according to ComScore, the average online viewing time for video content is approximately 4.1 minutes.

Another possible screening location would be The BBC’s Film Network, whereby anyone can submit their own work on their site to be viewable by the mass public (after passing their content analysts). I viewed one 3 minute video on the site which captured my eye; entitled ‘The Black Hole‘ which I found quite funny. In terms of showcasing a documentary on the website, I believe this would be a good option to choose, as the viewing public can easily access the videos put up on there and the demographic would be huge.

Further research led me to the 3 Minute Film Festival to be held on May 22nd at the Lensic. The link can be found here. I took a screenshot of the rules for the competition.

The festival attracts thousands of aspiring and professional filmmakers, and with the level of competition here it is fair to say that submitting our documentary would be like a cat in hells chance, however there is always a possibility and a possible screening opportunity. Many film critics and documentary filmmakers will be in the audience for the viewing of these 3 minute films.

So, audience?

To distinguish who a potential audience may be, I have taken a look at audience theory and researched genre and how genre attracts certain people to certain texts. The destination of any text is worth considering when creating and constructing a film; I find the way an audience receives and responds to a text is key in research production.

I would aim for the audience to be active in response to anything I make, as I want them to be able to encode and decode the message that is being sent to them and interpret it the way they would like to view it. By this I’m not referring to the hypodermic syringe model, whereby the viewers are just fed information and told what to do with it, but possibly the audiences’ uses and gratifications and reception theories, where the audience is able to determine what they want to receive when viewing the text.

To sum up my evaluation, I find that many texts are not for one particular demographic, category or group, but a wide range of different individuals collectively creating a whole.


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