Mashup Ideas

Today in my lecture I was introduced to the term ‘mashup’. Referring back to my work on Lev Manovich, a mashup is a combination of two or more API’s resulting in the creation of a new, hybrid application.

I’ve had a look at some existing mashup sites, such as TuneGlue and Twittervision. TuneGlue combines Last FM and Amazon to make a networked music interface and Twittervision uses 3D World Map and Twitter to chart tweets across the globe. I have taken a few screenshots of these applications at work.

For TuneGlue you search for a band or artist name you are interested in:

Then the data is then analysed by the computer, which then creates a visualisation showing similar bands/artists to the one you searched for. There are also options to view song releases and to expand further to show even more related bands. I see this application being useful in finding new artists that aren’t really mainstream but play the type of music you like.

However, if overused, this application can become somewhat… confusing (as shown bellow).

Twittervision appears slightly less useful. Sure, it shows Tweets from all across the Globe as promised, but they are completely random and hard to follow as they don’t appear for long. Having said this, it is interesting to see just how many people from all over use twitter to get their word out to the world.

I have came up with a few ideas for making my own application; some of which will more than probably already have been thought of, as there are loads of them!

Some ideas include:

  • Photographs uploaded to Flickr around the world.
  • Gigs/concerts that have been announced around the world.
  • Top news stories in particular towns/cities/states/countries.
  • New film releases in local cinemas.
  • New music released on particular download sites that you regularly visit.
  • Government plans in your local area.

No doubt all of these ideas have already been introduced to the web, but I shall nevertheless by thinking up new ideas.


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