Task 2: Improved Media Consumption Survey

Reflecting back on the survey I originally made, I found many problems when trying to create a visualisation in ManyEyes. I found it was because I used both text and numbers as answers.

I tried many different visualisations however the result was the same with each one. Here is a screenshot of the problem I had.

Reflection and Correction: When making a visualisation the programme didn’t understand how to organise the data, therefore I chose to start again with an easier survey, containing answers which would only be numbers entitled: “Time Spent On Media Devices Per Week”. I used Facebook and Myspace to collect my data from 15 friends from Coventry. I measured my data in hours, therefore all the results were easy to calculate into a visualisation. Also instead of numbering the students 1-15 I categorised them into gender, to make the process easier and the programme to understand the data easier.

Here is the new set of data I collected. I used Microsoft excel to organise it into rows and columns.

From here I then copy and pasted the table into ManyEyes. I took a screenshot of the process.

The result was a success, the data was able to be shown in an array of different visualisations, by favourite being the ones bellow:

This particular visualisation also came in the form of a bar chart which I also liked.

I tried with a pie chart, and the outcome was great.

I found that some forms of visualising the data were too complicated for my liking; here is an example.

Here is a montage that I created by combining images from google relating to ‘browsing’ with a text visualisation from Wordle and an image captured from my ManyEyes statistics.


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