Filming – Day One

We had originally intended to film our documentary tomorrow, however with the weather conditions today we decided to take some footage in the snow, while on the 13th floor of the Civic Centre 4 building. Being critical, I believe the set-up was largely rushed, although the filming went better than expected.

The location was fantastic; we didn’t manage to get directly on to the roof due to health and safety, however we had access to the balcony on the highest possible floor, therefore an incredible 360 degree view of Coventry’s city centre.

Mark was more than happy to answer a few questions today for us. We gained some fantastic footage which we will be using in the final film. Is was extremely cold up there, enhanced furthermore by the strong winds and snow, therefore we only filmed for about an hour and a half.

There wasn't much room on the balcony to film, but we managed quite well!

The wind didn’t prove to be much of a problem in terms of effecting the sound, as Mark had his back to the wind while the tie mic was clipped to his front.

Up close and emotional.

The second camera.

We believe the filming went well, and intend to meet up as a group with Mark tomorrow to do some more filming and collect some of his previous footage which he said we could implement into our documentary.

Group Photo.


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