Reflection 2: Research Progress

My research has been advancing quite well. I have been doing some secondary research on my coventry character, Mark, and have found some extremely interesting things to possibly question him on when it comes round to the filming.

As well as his website, I discovered he has set up his own wordpress blog, which I am now following. He updates this regularly whilst he is on his adventures. His aim is to communicate with schools and universities from incredible areas of the planet and introduce young people to what he does. However, Mark is adamant that he is not trying to promote what he does, for others to copy, as it is a dangerous and solitary life to lead.

Here are some photographs taken from the top of the building we will be filming from later this week, Civic Centre 4. As a group we thought that filming at the highest point in Coventry would be ‘extreme’ enough for an extreme man.

The snow ironically exaggerates the fact that he is a polar explorer and enjoys the thrill of extreme conditions.

The view of the cathedral from here was outstanding. We wanted this to be our main backdrop for when we interviewed Mark, as it effectively portrays the fact he is from Coventry.

Incredible views of Coventry; we think these will easily portray Mark’s connection with the city for the audience. These visuals combined with what Mark has to say will really anchor down his roots as an ‘ordinary’ person from Coventry, but also as a thrill seeking adventurer who is attempting such an extraordinary challenge of setting an World Record.


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