Mark Wood – One Minute Brief Overview

The following one minute video is a reminder of who our character is, as well as explaining where we have planned to film him speaking about his life in Coventry and also his World Record Attempt.

In our group we decided that it would be best to find somewhere extreme to document/interview Mark, as it reflects his ambitious and outgoing career of being a thrill-seeking polar explorer. Obviously it would have been ideal to be in a snowy environment, however Coventry doesn’t exactly have snow to offer (although recently the weather has been a bit abnormal!)

We believed that by portraying his character whilst at the top of Coventry’s tallest point, the roof of the Civic Centre Four building in the city centre; we would be able to exaggerate his overwhelming interest in dangerous activities.

He has completely agreed to this and is fine with us interviewing him. Also the staff at the Civic building have been extremely helpful and understanding that this is for an important module for our course.

Our only possible problem would be the weather on the day of filming (planned for 19th February). Rain and wind would be catastrophic, however if it snowed it would really set the scene in terms of a interviewing polar explorer!

We have pre-booked 2 PDX10 cameras, 2 tie-clip mics, 2 tripods, XLR cables, tape, extension cables and boom mics; as well as this we have looked into the safety precautions needed to undergo the task of setting up the equipment on the roof. The manager at the Civic building is willing to sign a release form to allow us to film on the premises and is looking forward to our arrival next Friday.


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